Ibotta App = Cash in Your Paypal Account


I’m usually not very tech-savvy.

That might be a bit of an understatement. I have an instant aversion to new technology, but I used the ibotta app for the first time this weekend, and it is cool!

It’s free, easy to use and straightforward:

Step 1: Sign up.

Step 2: Download the app onto your phone.

Step 3: Decide which coupons you want and claim them.

Step 4: Buy the product at a participating store, including Kroger, CVS, Commissary, Walmart and many more.

Step 5: Use the ibotta app to take a picture of your receipt and scan the barcode on the product.

Step 6: Deposit the money from your ibotta coupons into your paypal account.

Seriously, that’s it. If I can do this, so can you!

Click the picture above to get started. By using the link above, you will receive a $5 credit into your ibotta account when you use ibotta for the first time. Sweet!




2 thoughts on “Ibotta App = Cash in Your Paypal Account

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