To Immunize or Not To Immunize?


Should young children be immunized? It’s a question I wrestle with every time I take little Eli to the doctor. Do I want my little man stuck like a pincushion? Of course not! But, do I want him vulnerable to potentially deadly diseases? No way!

There are many studies on this issue — and even more speculation. Honestly, I don’t know what to believe.

On the one hand, I just can’t believe it’s good for a baby to receive so many shots, especially at one time. My natural aversion to modern technology makes me think it’s wrong somehow. His fussiness and general grumpy nature after each shot session confirms this is just not natural! And the rumors of a connection between autism and immunizations — no matter how they’ve been discredited — put fear in my heart.

On the other hand, I want my baby to live a free life without fear of catching a disease that could cripple or kill him. Could I bear it if he became seriously ill from a disease I could have prevented by immunizing him? I have a neighbor who chose not to immunize and her kids are fine, but what if mine isn’t?

After months of agonizing over this and wavering back and forth, we decided to get him almost all of his immunizations. We started at two months, and it hasn’t gotten easier. I must admit, my mind is no more at ease now than it was before he was born.

What are your views on immunizing?



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