Hoping for a Better Wednesday!

As I write this, Eli is laying on my lap sleeping, looking totally at peace. He’s snoring, which he doesn’t normally do, but today he’s recovering from a bout with the flu and his nose is still stuffy. Is there anything more peaceful than a sleeping child, even one that’s making little snoring sounds?

There are times when working from home is a true test of my sanity. To work from home, I quit a job that I (mostly) loved and that challenged me like crazy. Now, my challenge weighs 18 lbs and doesn’t understand a word I say. Consequently, I love opportunities to get out of the house and interact with other adults in conversations that don’t revolve around children. Last Wednesday, I tried to take advantage of one of those opportunities.

My goal was to attend the first meeting of a Bible Study group at our local library. Since the drive into our nearest big town takes about 20 minutes, I don’t pop into town on a whim, and I try to run my errands when I’m in town on other business. So, last week I headed into town around 5:00 to trade vehicles with my hubby and give him Eli to watch while I went to Dillons (the grocery store), then on to the library.

As I drove away from my hubby’s shop, leaving my SUV and baby behind, I noticed the gauges on the dash of his pickup were doing weird things — pinging back and forth. This was no big surprise to me since the electronic connections in the pickup have always had a mind of their own. I parked at the grocery store and spent some time hunting for good deals and enjoying some kid-free relaxation. What is it about a trip to the grocery store that makes me happy?

I paid for my groceries and scooted back out to the pickup with exactly 15 minutes to make it to the library. Perfect timing — if the pickup had started. I put the key in, turned and…NOTHING! You know that quick clicking sound a vehicle makes when you try to start it but the battery is dead? Well, it wasn’t even making that sound. It was completely dead. I called my hubby — who was already at home by now — and he called his dad to come rescue me. Several minutes and a jump-start later, I was headed out of the Dillons parking lot. Yes, I’d be a few minutes late to Bible Study, but better late than never, right?

I made it as far as the street out front of the grocery store before the pickup died again. Now, I’ve owned enough not-exactly-new cars to diagnose a few vehicle problems. (I can’t often fix them, but I can at least tell what’s wrong.) But I had no idea what was going on this time. I started it again; it died. Again…and dead. I finally got it to limp back into the parking lot. My father-in-law pulled in behind me, we got it back to the shop, and my mother-in-law let me borrow her car to drive home. I never made it to Bible Study.

So, here’s hoping that this Wednesday will not end with mystery car trouble in the cold weather. Here’s hoping that this Wednesday I’ll have a conversation with another woman that does not involve babies, cleaning, laundry or anything else that occupies the majority of my day. And, here’s hoping that years from now, I’ll remember the blessing of having this little cutie sleeping on my lap, sharing his peace with me.


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