Why I Love Stoneware


That’s the underside of a loaf of poppyseed bread I made last week. Notice anything missing?


Ahh, there it is! The rest of my poppyseed bread stuck to the bottom of the well-greased glass loaf pan. Grr! Fortunately, I was making this bread for my hubby. And, sweetheart that he is, he doesn’t care what the bread looks like as long as it tastes good. But, sometimes I make bread to give away to family and friends — or even to sell — and there’s no way I’m giving someone a loaf of bread with a chunk out of it!

That’s where the stoneware comes in. Do you have any of this stuff? It’s awesome! My particular pan is from Pampered Chef, but I imagine other brands would work just as well. I don’t even have to grease the pan. Bread slides out like it’s teflon…without any of the teflon! Here’s the difference:


Perhaps you’re thinking I’m a bit too excited about a pan? Probably so. But when you put some effort into making a yummy treat only to have it fall apart because of a sticky spot, a slippery loaf pan may suddenly seem like the most exciting thing in your kitchen 🙂

By the way, stoneware pans make a nice crusty edge on the bread, too. However, they do take a little longer to bake. My guess is that’s because the stonewear takes longer to heat up than the glass.

Here’s the way the stoneware loaf turned out. Perfectly intact and ready to give away…if we don’t eat it first!



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