Cutting the Cost of Disposable Diapers


Over the last few weeks, we’ve discussed cloth diapering and the many advantages to cloth diapers. But, no matter how much I love cloth diapers for our baby, sometimes disposables are just so much more convenient. When I’m in the middle of Walmart, for example, I just don’t want to deal with changing a poopy cloth diaper and carrying it around with me until I’m ready to leave the store. We also use plastic diapers at night since they are much more absorbent than cloth.

Since I’m always looking for ways to save money, I wanted to do a post for you on what we’ve discovered about disposable diapers — and how to save a bit if you decide to use them. Hopefully, this will help some of you first-time moms dig out from the overwhelming (and expensive) diaper choices out there!

  1. Know the cost per diaper. Diapers come in all types of packages — jumbo, box, big pack, etc. To know whether you’re getting a good deal, you have to be able to compare prices. To compare prices, you have to know the cost per diaper rather than the cost per package. Keep in mind the cost per diaper varies by size.
  2. Sizes vary slightly between brands. The brands may appear to be the same size because the weight descriptions on the package are the same. However, we’ve tried six brands of plastic diapers and the sizes do vary. A size 3 in Huggies is not the same as a size 3 in Pampers.
  3. Try generic brands cautiously. Unless you’re getting it on an amazing sale, I don’t recommend buying a giant box of a brand you’ve never tried before. Some generics are great while others are…not so great. Buy a smaller package if you can so you’re not stuck with a big box of diapers you don’t like.
  4. Don’t be afraid to vary your brands. Right now, we have Luvs, Pampers and Huggies for Eli because we got them all on good sales. I’m not loyal to any particular brand — just the brand that’s on sale!

As far as particular brands go, we discovered early on that Parent’s Choice (Walmart generic) were very low on the absorbency scale. They were okay while Eli was very young since we had to change them so frequently, but he would literally leak through them at times. Target’s generic brand was much better, and Costco’s Kirkland diapers were my absolute favorite. (No, nobody’s paying me to say that!) If I were using more disposable diapers, I would absolutely stock up on Kirkland diapers. We found them to be almost as absorbent as the more expensive diapers, but at half the cost, no sale needed! Pampers and Huggies were, of course, nicely absorbent. (They also have fun characters on them, but Eli’s too young to care.) Luvs were equally absorbent to Huggies and Pampers, but they are still more expensive than the Kirkland diapers.

You may have noticed I said we have Luvs, Pampers and Huggies on hand right now but no Kirkland diapers, though they are our favorite budget option. That’s because I’m always looking for a sale on other brands because they offer coupons and other promotions that sometimes mean I can get them cheaper or more conveniently than Kirkland.

What types of diapers do you prefer?


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