Sanity Walks


I work from home right now, which is a blessing — most of the time. On Eli’s grumpy days, like when he’s teething, it tests my patience and sanity! There’s nothing quite as frustrating to me as being in the middle of a work project — sometimes in the middle of a sentence — and having to drop everything to tend to Eli’s latest emergency. And some days, no matter what I do, there’s just no comforting him no matter what I do.

When it feels like Eli’s cries are starting to reverberate off the walls and I’m getting further and further behind in my work, the last thing I want to do is take time for anything fun. But, I have learned an important truth since Eli’s birth: walking preserves my sanity.

Eli loves walks, so I get to enjoy a peaceful, quiet stroll while he exhausts himself looking at new scenery instead of fussing. Today, he spent about half our walk leaning out of the side of his stroller, staring at the asphalt 🙂


There is just nothing like strolling down a quiet street…or a quiet highway, in my case…breathing in clean, fresh air and soaking up the sunshine. Sometimes, I stroll downtown to the post office and chat with the postmistress while I pick up our mail. Other times, I just wander around the edge of town on the “highway” and enjoy the scenery.

The view along many of my walks.

The view along many of my walks.

No matter where I go, these sanity walks clear my head and calm both of us down. It’s like my entire body takes a deep, cleansing breath. What an amazing blessing to live in a place where I can literally walk down the middle of the road and find peace.



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