Store Report — February 14th

Yes, I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but things are pretty normal around my house today, so I don’t have a Valentine’s Day post for y’all today. Honestly, how romantic can you get with a 7-month old baby hanging around?! I don’t feel deprived, though, because my hubby treats me with love and kindness every day. I suppose that means it’s Valentine’s Day every day at our house…but not in a creepy, everything-is-pink-and-sugary kind of way.

Feb 14

Sales this week weren’t great, so I didn’t buy all that much, aside from fresh items and lots of ice cream. Fortunately, I have a pantry full of stock to shop from! Here’s what I bought, with my favorite deals in bold:

Pepsi Next 2L — $1.50 (reg price) less FREE ecoupon = FREE

Del Monte Tomatoes — $.74 ea less $1.00 catalina coupon for next time = $.41 ea

Bananas — $.54/lb (reg price)


Reach Floss — $.49 with raincheck from last week less $1.00/2 coupon less $3.00 catalina when you buy 4 = $3.00 moneymaker for each set of 4

Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake — $1.25 less $.50/1 coupon (doubles to $1.00) = $.25

2lb baby carrots — $1.49 on Manager’s Special

Magnum bars — $2.19 on Manager’s Special

Broccoli cuts — $1.89 on Manager’s Special

Feb 14

Yoplait Greek Yogurt — $.59 ea on Manager’s Special less $.50/1 coupon (doubles to $1.00) = $.09 ea

Eggs — $1.25 ea (not an amazin price for eggs, but we needed some and it’s better than full price)

Mangoes — $1.00 ea

Breyer’s ice cream — $2.99 on sale less $1.00 ecoupon = $1.99 ea

Turkey Hill ice cream — $1.75 on closeout

Degree deodorant — $1.99 on sale less $1.00 ecoupon = $.99 ea (This is hubby’s favorite and we don’t get coupons often around here for it, so we’re stocking up!)

Grapefruit juice — $2.00 less $2.00 coupon = FREE

Salad mix — $1.19 on Manager’s Special

Saute Express — $1.79 on Manager’s Special less $1.00/1 coupon = $.79

Total Value: $74.36

Spent: $24.34 plus tax

Saved: $50.02! That’s a savings of 67% not including the Manager’s Special discounts!

If you’re curious about the latest Dillon’s deals, visit Kroger Krazy.


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