View from my porch this morning.

View from my porch this morning.

This is my first winter in Kansas, but even I can tell it’s been dry…as in drought. In a community of farmers, snow is a wonderful thing in the middle of a drought, so imagine the excitement when the weathermen started predicting snow this week!

It snowed most of the day yesterday, a bit so far this morning, and it’s supposed to snow into Friday. The blizzard we were supposed to get never really materialized, but I’d say we got about six inches on average. (I have to use an average because I don’t think the snow falls straight down in Kansas. Instead, it drifts as soon as it falls.)

What a blessing to have snow! Everything looks fresh and clean, and I’m sure our hardy pine trees could use the moisture. Even our little garden plants and bushes are going to benefit from it this spring. Best of all, the farmers are getting some much-needed moisture. This won’t fix the drought, but it helps. And when the farmers are happy and making money, the whole community benefits!


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One thought on “Snow!

  1. Mary Beth February 22, 2013 at 12:51 pm Reply

    I’m in Kansas too. We are so thankful for the snow!!! The drought has been really hard on everything. We bought a house that went through a foreclosure. Just about every tree on the property is dead. Thankful for every drop, flake & icicle!

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