Baby Gear: Must Haves for the First Six Months

Our nursery's closet doubles as baby gear storage space.

Our nursery’s closet doubles as baby gear storage space.

When I found out I was pregnant, it was about 5 am on a Saturday. After waking my husband out of a very deep sleep and sharing the news in a calm, rational manner (yeah, right!), I wanted to go shopping! Since we were fortunate to live near a Target at the time, we hit the baby aisles there…and were immediately overwhelmed.

Our store only had about five very short aisles for baby items, but they managed to pack a lot of stuff into those aisles! Diapers of every brand, shape and color. Color-coordinated bumper pads, cribs, sheets and blankets. Infant car seats, convertible car seats, booster seats. And how many types of bottles and formula can one store sell?!

We ended up not buying anything that day, mostly because I was convinced I could find most of this stuff on sale somewhere before I needed it. After all, Bubba (as he was known then) had nine months to bake before he’d be ready for any of it. But, even though I had months to do research and think about what I needed, the choices were still overwhelming. Frugal girl that I am, I didn’t want to buy anything that wasn’t necessary, but how could I know what was necessary and what was just something someone was trying to sell me? What should I wait to buy (and risk buying at full price) and what should I get before Bubba was born?

Now, over a year later, here’s the list of what I consider “necessities” for a baby’s first six months — what I think a mom really needs before the baby’s born. I know you can probably get by without a lot of these items, but, to me, these are the things that are worth the cost and storage space for the convenience they provide. Nobody paid me to put this list together or sponsored this post, so you can trust that this is really just my opinion as a mom.

  • Breast pump, even if you think you won’t need it (keep it in the box and take it back later if you don’t use it)
  • Bottles (at least 2-3 but probably more if you use them frequently)
  • Baby feeding spoons (2-3)
  • Blankets (2-3 of different weights)
  • Sleep sack and/or swaddling blanket (1-2)
  • Onesies (4-6 in multiple sizes)
  • One-piece outfits with long sleeves and pants that snap down the front (4-6 in multiple sizes)
  • Crib sheets (2)
  • Socks (3-6 pairs in multiple sizes)
  • Small microfiber cloths to act as burp rags
  • Crib, co-sleeper or playpen
  • Changing table or changing pad on a flat surface
  • Swing
  • Play “gym” (the kind that has toys hanging from overhead while the baby lays below)
  • Bouncer or jumper (like an exersaucer)
  • Diapers (plastic and cloth in various sizes)
  • Infant car seat
  • Plastic toy rings (the kind that snap together to make a long chain)
  • Small toys like rattles, stacking blocks and books
  • Diaper bag or tote bag
  • Portable changing pad (the kind that folds up into a smaller package to take into a store)
  • Stroller
  • Gas remedy like gas drops
  • Pacifier
  • Distilled water for boiling/sanitizing
  • High chair that reclines so a young baby can use it

Over the next several weeks, I’ll discuss many of these items in depth and give you some tips for saving money when you’re buying baby gear. If you have any tips, please share them!

What do you consider necessary for a new baby?


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