Spend It Wisely: Grow Your Own Sprouts



I love having fresh veggies, but sometimes my grocery store’s veggie options are a bit anemic, especially in the winter. Growing my own sprouts is an inexpensive way to have a fresh veggie available any time of year.

Sprouts are very healthy for you, but they can be pricey…if you can even find them in your local small-town store. Here’s how you can grow your own for just pennies!


  • glass jar with lid ring
  • tulle fabric large enough to cover the opening of your jar (available for about $1.00/yard at Walmart or fabric stores)
  • beans or other seeds (my favorites are mung beans or radish seeds)


Pour a half-handful of beans or seeds into your jar. You can use just about any type of beans or seeds, and you can even get special sprouting seeds at health food stores. Mung beans produce a sturdier sprout, but I also like radish sprouts because the taste spicy.


Place the tulle over the top of the jar and screw the lid ring on top to secure it. This creates a lid for your jar but also allows you to water and drain your seeds easily.


Rinse the beans/seeds by pouring water into the jar, swirling it around and draining the water. Then, run enough water in the jar to cover the seeds by an inch or so. Let the seeds sit in the water for 24 hours.


Dump out the water and place the jar on a window sill or other well-lit area. Every morning and evening, rinse the sprouts with water and dump the water immediately. This keeps the sprouts moist but not soaked.


Your sprouts will be ready to eat in 10-14 days. You can keep them in the fridge once they’ve grown enough for your tastes.



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