Kitchen Compost Bucket


I’m no gardening expert, but according to those who are, compost does magical things for a garden by enriching the soil with nutrients and plant-friendly material. You can probably buy compost at a garden center, but you can also make your own by allowing your kitchen scraps and yard trimmings to decompose outdoors until they break down into a black peat-like matter. Sounds easy, right?

The practical side of composting, however, isn’t quite so easy. Not only do you have to find a place for it in your yard (more on that some other time), but you also have to get your scraps from the kitchen to the yard.

Unless you want to traipse out to the garden every time you peel a carrot, it’s a good idea to have some sort of scrap-collection device where you can store your scraps until you want to dump them. As I see it, you have two storage options: covered or uncovered.

I used to store my scraps in an uncovered bucket or bowl. This worked okay when I was processing large batches of veggies for canning or storage since the bowl filled quickly and was dumped regularly. But, when I’m only slicing one apple, peeling one apple or cracking a few eggs at a time, the bowl could sit for a few days waiting to be emptied. It’s kind of nasty looking at three-day-old veggie scraps and, during the summer, I don’t want anything attracting flies to my kitchen.

So, I was excited to get the bucket above as a Christmas present. It’s actually designed for compost 🙂 Of course, the lid keeps the nasties covered so I don’t have to look at them. The lid also has a filter that keeps any smells from leaking out. The bucket itself is cute, too, so I have no problem with it sitting in the corner of my kitchen. Now, when I peel a veggie or crack some eggs, I just lift the lid, drop the scrap inside and forget about it. When the bucket is full, I add water then walk it outside where I empty it onto my compost pile. Easy peasy!

Do you compost? Have you tried a covered compost bucket?



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One thought on “Kitchen Compost Bucket

  1. […] we ended up with a fruit fly fiesta in our kitchen. I suspect the initial culprits came from my compost bucket, but it really doesn’t matter where they came from…once they come, it’s hard to […]

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