A Multipurpose Mower


A few days ago, this riding mower was plowing up the ground for my new — very large — garden, and last summer it was mowing our struggling grass. But this weekend, it was plowing our driveway, and we were grateful to have it. We got 14 inches of snow in about 24 hours!

No complaining here about the snow. It’s going to make some well-moisturized grass and veggies when the weather warms up a bit!

No complaining here about the mower either. It cost about $500 plus another $80 for the disc and plow attachments, which seemed like a lot to me last summer when hubby brought it home. Watching hubby run the disc through my garden soil, it seems worth it. Seeing a clean driveway after all this snow, it again seems worth the cost. We could spend a few hours shoveling heavy, wet white stuff…followed by a handful of ibuprofen for the sore muscles. I know that’s the way they would have done things back in the day, and usually I’m totally in favor of the old-fashioned way. But I must admit that the convenience of this multipurpose machine is awfully nice!




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