Spend It Wisely: DIY Swiffer Pads


I almost didn’t post this tip because it seems so simple. But then I thought about how many packs of Swiffer pads I used to buy before I started using this method, so I decided to share it after all 🙂

We have wood floors throughout our entire main floor, and they seem impossible to keep clean without the help of a Swiffer tool. Between dust (gotta love that Kansas wind), dog hair and other general messiness, there always seems to be something on the wood! Now that Eli is crawling around freely and putting everything he can find in his mouth, it’s more important than ever to keep the floors clean.

I love the lightweight maneuverability of my Swiffer sweeper. It’s easy to push around, and it fits in smaller spaces and under more furniture than a traditional dust mop. Plus, it’s easier to store. The downside: Swiffer pads are expensive!

There’s no need to buy box after box of these, especially just to throw them away after one use! Microfiber cloths are an easy, effective substitute, and you may even be able to get them for free! We got ourse when they were free after rebate at Menards. They were packaged as auto cleaning cloths.

To use a microfiber cloth, simply lay the cloth on the floor. Your cloth does not have to be the exact same size as the Swiffer cloths. In fact, mine are a few inches bigger on each side.


Set the sweeper’s head, flat side down on the cloth. Pull the sides of the cloth up around the head, snugly tucking it into the notches at the top side.



Sweep like normal. When you’re done, remove the cloth, shaking it outside if your sweeping accumulated a lot of hair or dust bunnies (so they don’t end up in your washing machine).

Wash the cloth with the rest of your laundry. Avoid using fabric softener so the cloth maintains its static cling, which helps it pick up dust more effectively. I usually wash these cloths with my loads of cloth diapers since I don’t use fabric softener on those either.



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