Love and Logic Parenting

love and logic

Eli isn’t old enough to talk back yet…or maybe he is talking back and we just don’t speak his language. Either way, it’s tough to implement new parenting styles with a munchkin who doesn’t understand you. However, we signed up for Love and Logic parenting classes at our church this spring in hopes of stopping problems before they develop. Love and Logic is a parenting program that emphasizes building relationships with your child and raising responsible adults.

We’re disappointed we’ll have to miss one of the six sessions because, after just the first class, I can already tell we’re getting so much out of this program! I was taking notes like a court reporter during the first class!

Can you imagine being able to shut down an argument with a kid — yours or someone else’s — without arguing back?! What a great idea! It’s not about how to win, but how to stop the argument to avoid giving your child the satisfaction of making your blood pressure rise.

I’m not sure how much of this info we’ll retain by the time we need to use it with our son, but we may even retake the classes periodically as he gets older. In the meantime, we may practice on our nieces and nephews! I highly recommend this program if it’s offered in your area. If you live near Colby, call Colby Wesleyan Church to join this particular class.


One thought on “Love and Logic Parenting

  1. Joy Rothfuss April 11, 2013 at 12:12 pm Reply

    Heather, Love & Logic offers many classes which we will be offering in the months and years to come. So much to learn and practice — and it’s never too early! So glad you are part of this first class. Joy

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