Store Report — April 11th

Here’s what I bought last week at Dillons and Walmart this past week. I scored some awesome manager’s special deals at Dillons. Though these deals are unpredictable, the Colby Dillons has quite a selection of manager’s special items right now. It must be time to switch inventory or something.

Yesterday, Dillons started a new mega sale that makes for some great deals, so I’ll post those next week.



Alexia potatoes — $3.28 less $2.50 coupon = $.78

Bananas — $.52/lb (reg price)

Aspirin — $.88 (reg price — for my emergency kit)

Cadbury eggs — $.34 on clearance (hubby loves these!)

Kool-Aid Bursts — $1.00 less $1.00 ibotta deposit = FREE


Ballpark franks (not pictured) — $1.67 less $1.00/2 coupon less $.50 ibotta deposit = $.92 ea

Beach Nut baby food — $.29 ea on manager’s special less $1/3 coupon = $.04 moneymaker (Eli loves this flavor so I bought even more than I had coupons for!)

Organic milk — $1.69 on manager’s special

Bagels — $1.29 on manager’s special

Salad — $.79 on manager’s special

Formula — $7.49 on manager’s special

Whipped cream cheese — $1.19 on manager’s special

Clementines — $3.99 less $.50 coupon (doubles to $1.00) = $2.99

Baby carrots — $.99 ea

Total Value (not including manager’s special discounts): $41.33

Spent: $30.19 plus tax

Saved: $10.64. That’s a savings of 26%, which doesn’t even come close to my goal of saving at least 50% every week. However, when I added the regular prices of my manager’s special finds, I discovered my true savings was closer to 60%. That makes me smile!


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