Store Report — May 13th

Here’s what I bought this week with my favorite deals in bold. Dillons’ current sale goes through Tuesday, so hurry to the store if you want to get any of these deals!

May 13

Pantene shampoo and conditioner — $2.09 ea when you buy 4 participating items less $2/2 coupon or $3/2 coupon = $.59-$1.09 ea

Frozen edamame — $1.49 ea on Manager’s Special

Bananas — $.54/lb (regular price)

French’s mustard — $1.25 on sale less $.50 coupon (doubles to $1.00) = $.25 ea

Hamburger buns — $1.00 on sale

Sargento shredded cheese — $1.60 on closeout

Kroger shredded cheese — $1.04 on closeout

Frosting flavoring packet — $.99 (regular price) less free coupon = FREE

Pineapple — $.99 on sale

Muller yogurt — $.80 ea less $1.00 off 2 coupon = $.30 ea

Mini bagels — $1.29 on Manager’s Special

Total Value (not including manager’s special, clearance and closeout discounts): $46.70

Spent: $21.88 plus tax

Saved: $24.82 (53%)

My favorite thing I bought this week: pineapple! Seriously, is there anything yummier than a fresh slice of ripe pineapple?


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One thought on “Store Report — May 13th

  1. loggerswife112 May 13, 2013 at 1:11 pm Reply

    Great deals! Especially that mustard. I’m hoping we have some good mustard deals here soon. Almost out. Should have some Memorial Day weekend.

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