Spend It Wisely: Clotheslines


That’s my new clothesline up there. Isn’t it lovely?

There’s just something wonderfully old-fashioned about a line full of clothes drying in the summer sunshine, and I’m so pleased to have one here at our new house.

Drying our laundry on a line saves us the cost of electricity to run our dryer and the expense of cooling our house while a dryer is heating up the laundry room. Plus, the less we run our dryer, the longer it should last.

Unlike most of my money-saving posts, I don’t have any hard numbers to show how much we save each year by line-drying clothes. Unfortunately, I don’t own the equipment to actually test how much electricity my dryer uses. However, it just makes sense to me that this saves electricity, gets me and the baby outside to enjoy the sunshine and gives our clothes a chance to breathe. (Sometimes, his cloth diapers need to breathe!)

And the best part about line-drying clothes? The smell! It’s like bringing a bit of summer into your closet, and it smells good longer than any dryer sheets I’ve ever found.

If you’ve never tried drying clothes on an outside line, give it a chance. Make sure to smell your clothes when you bring them back inside!


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