Store Report — May 20th

Here’s what I bought this week with my favorite deals in bold. I bought a lot of meat and cheese at the commissary last week, so our grocery budget is a little tight for the rest of the month…good thing I have a stockpile!

I ran into a nice older lady at the store who gave me a whole book of baby coupons Dillons had sent her. She doesn’t have any babies so she brought the book to the store to give to someone with a baby–like me! Sometimes, people are just so nice around here.

May 20

Pantene shampoo and conditioner — $1.89 ea on manager’s special less $2/2 coupon = $.89 ea

Hamburger buns — $1.00 on sale (stocking up on these for my niece’s graduation)

Comforts diapers — $6.99 (regular price) less $1.00 automatic coupon less $1.50 coupon = $4.50

Comforts baby wash — $1.89 less $1.00 coupon (found in store) = $.89

Carrots — $.99

Ella’s baby food pouch — $1.39 on sale less $.40 coupon (doubles to $.80) = $.59

Total Value (not including manager’s special): $23.62

Spent: $15.94 plus tax

Saved: $7.68 (33%)


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