Store Report — June 10th

It’s a great week for sales at Dillons! We needed supplies for Eli’s upcoming birthday party, so these sales could not have come at a better time. The current sale cycle runs through Tuesday, so you still have time if you’re interested in any of these deals!

June 7

June 7 (3)

Here’s what I bought this week, with the best deals in bold. You’ll notice there are a lot of bold deals!

Bananas — $.54/lb (regular price)

Whole milk — $1.00 per half gallon on a 3-day sale

Kroger chicken breasts — $5.67 for 3lb bag on sale

Tostitos salsa — $3.00 on sale less $3 digital coupon = FREE

Sauerkraut — $1.05 (regular price)

Sourdough bread — $1.29 on manager’s special

Surf detergent — $2.99 on sale less $1 coupon = $1.99

Bayer aspirin — $2.33 ea less $1 coupons less $3 catalina when you buy 2 = $.34 moneymaker

Suave shampoo — $.99 on sale less $1 coupon = FREE

Kroger powdered sugar — $1.59 (regular price) (a necessity for hubby’s favorite lemon bars!)

Eggs — $.99 on 3-day sale

Excedrin — $3.49 ea less $1 coupon on 1 and $2 coupon on the other less $3 catalina when you buy 2 = $.49 ea

Bologna — $1.00 ea on sale less $4 catalina when you buy 5 = $.20 ea

Yogurts — $.29-.49 ea on manager’s special

Coke — $1.25 ea on sale less free coupon from Coke Rewards = FREE ($.50 moneymaker on one with ibotta credit)

General Mills Catalina Deal — The following deals work when you buy 5 items, mix and match, because you get a $5 catalina with each set of 5 items purchased.

Chex mix — $2.00 ea on sale less $.60 coupon (doubles to $1.00) less catalina = FREE

Betty Crocker frosting and cake mixes — $1.50 ea on sale less $.75/2 coupon (doubles to $1.00) less catalina = FREE

Totino’s pizzas — $1.33 ea on sale less $1.00/3 facebook coupon less catalina = FREE

Progresso Recipe Starter — $1.50 on sales less $.50 digital coupon less catalina = FREE

Betty Crocker brownie mix — $1.50 ea on sale less catalina = $.50

Hamburger Helper — $1.50 ea on sale less $.80/4 coupon (doubles to $1.00) = $.25 ea

Suddenly Salad — $1.50 ea on sale less $.75/2 coupon (doubles to $1.00) = FREE

Total Value (not including manager’s special and clearance discounts): $173.99

Spent: $33.52 plus tax

Saved: $140.47 (81%) not including manager’s special discounts!


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4 thoughts on “Store Report — June 10th

  1. Marc June 10, 2013 at 9:35 am Reply

    You do good work! Good job babe!

  2. loggerswife112 June 10, 2013 at 10:17 am Reply

    Great job! Yet once again, I’m jealous of your milk and egg sales. We have a state minimum milk price and it is illegal to get it any cheaper. So no milk sales here. 😦

    • heatheralwin June 10, 2013 at 10:46 pm Reply

      State minimum milk prices?! Sounds like your milk producers have a powerful lobby with your lawmakers 😦

      • loggerswife112 June 13, 2013 at 7:16 am

        Eh, it honestly doesn’t bother me on one level. My family has a dairy farm and they are already dealing with falling prices. So on one level, I like the minimum price. But never being able to pay less than $3.29/gallon is frustrating. But there is a rare egg sale starting tomorrow! 🙂

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