Letter to Naptime


Ah, naptime…you are my favorite time of day. It’s not that I don’t also love playtime, bath time and bed time, but naptime is a special blessing. I’m convinced you were designed by God specifically to preserve the sanity of mothers everywhere.

Thanks to you, I now have about an hour (hopefully!) to finish those articles I was supposed to write this morning but couldn’t because somebody was too busy pulling books off the shelves, climbing into the shower and pulling on every cord he could find.

Thanks to you, I can finally pick up all the balls that were thrown down the stairs this morning–without having them thrown back at me as I’m doing it.

Thanks to you, I can find the flip flops the munchkin stole from their spot near the door and transported somewhere wholly un-useful.

Thanks to you, I can finish a complete sentence without hearing screaming or fussing or having something tugging on my skirt. In fact, all I hear now is the Kansas wind blowing and my fingers typing. Otherwise, it’s blessed silence here.

Naptime, you are a wonderful, wonderful thing.


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One thought on “Letter to Naptime

  1. Julie @Logger's Wife July 16, 2013 at 3:13 pm Reply


    Also, thanks for baby gates that keep me from chasing a little one out of the bathroom every 10 minutes.

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