Menus for the Week of July 29th

tomato basket

I’m so excited for this week’s meals!

The lovely folks at Muir Glen (the organic tomato people) sent me a basket of yummy tomato products to try, along with several recipes that showcase their products. So, I’m featuring their tomatoes in my menu this week.

I’ve used Muir Glen tomatoes a few times before, such as in my venison chili. They’re high-quality and not terribly expensive, especially for organic products. (I’m not sure I buy into the idea that organic products are better, but it can’t hurt, right?) The basket they sent me even has two cans of their reserve select tomatoes, special red and yellow tomatoes only packaged during certain seasons.

This week is also the Thomas County Fair, and since I’m a part-time newspaper reporter, I may be working a lot of weird hours and my meals may not work like they’re supposed to.

So…here’s what my family will be eating this week:

Monday: bean and cheese quesadillas with Muir Glen salsa

Tuesday: honey mustard ham, rice, garden veggies

Wednesday: Thomas County Fair Free BBQ

Thursday: spicy braised beef (with Muir Glen tomatoes), baked apples

Friday: ??? probably something in town since we may be going to a Restless Heart concert this night

Saturday: (B) muffins, eggs; (L) spaghetti (with Muir Glen sauce);

Sunday: (B) oatmeal; (L) leftovers; (D) slow cooker pork loin, boxed potatoes, garden veggies

My menus are linked up at

What do you think of Muir Glen products?



3 thoughts on “Menus for the Week of July 29th

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