Store Report — July 29th

Jul 29

Okay…time for a little confession. I was out of grocery money when I went to the store this week. I knew it before I even walked in the store.

But, I needed buns and corn for my birthday party and fruit for the little guy, so I planned to dip into our “miscellaneous” cash envelope, which we use as a small slush fund. When I got to the stores, I found so many really good deals, I ended up spending a little more than I wanted to. Thankfully, we haven’t spent much out of the miscellaneous category this month so I was able to pay for the groceries and still have a little cash left over.

I went to Walmart for groceries this week, too, because I was looking for tomatillos, cilantro and fresh jalapenos…no such luck, but I found a few great clearance items while I was there.


Bananas — $.54/lb (regular price)

Italian sausage (10 pk) — $4.99 on manager’s special

Frut up yogurt — $.49 less $1.00/2 coupon = FREE

GoGo Squeez applesauce pouches (4 pk) — $1.19 on manager’s special (Yes, I cleared the shelf by buying 12 of them. This is an amazing price for on-the-go baby food, and we may have a road trip coming up where I’ll need it.)

Buns — $1.00 ea

Bolillo rolls — $.49 on managers special

Crest kids toothpaste — $1.00 on sale less $.75/1 digital coupon = $.25

Goya baby food — $.64 ea less $1.00/4 coupon = $.39 ea

Corn — 5 ears for $2 (a little expensive, I think, but it was for my birthday celebration so I splurged)


Popcrunch — $.75 ea on clearance less $.50/1 coupon = $.25 ea

Couscous — $.50 on clearance (love this with cucumbers and tomatoes!)

Graham cracker crust — $.50 on clearance

Total Value: $62.41

Total Spent: $31.43 plus tax

Total Saved: $30.98 (49.6%)


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