Product Review: Muir Glen Spaghetti Sauce


Despite the not-so-great picture above, the Muir Glen spaghetti sauce we tried over the weekend was excellent!

As I mentioned here, the folks at Muir Glen sent me some of their products to review, and I’ve enjoyed both the fire-roasted tomatoes (in this salsa) and this spaghetti sauce.

I didn’t do anything fancy with the spaghetti sauce, and I didn’t have to add spices to make it taste good. I simply made pasta like I normally do: brown and drain some ground beef, dump in the sauce and warm it while I cook the pasta.

Usually, I buy the cheapest spaghetti sauce I can find, but this was a wonderful change from our normal cheap stuff. The flavors were fresh and bright, including both the tomato flavor and the herb and garlic flavors. There were tomato chunks throughout the sauce, but it also had plenty of sauciness, too.

My only hesitation with a full recommendation of this sauce? The price. It cost over $3 for the jar…more than three times my normal sauce price. However, if this sauce goes on sale or I have a decent coupon, I would not hesitate to purchase it.



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