Balloon Classic

Every Labor Day weekend, Colorado Springs hosts a balloon classic, and we were privileged to attend one of the balloon ascensions this year.


As you can probably tell from the shadows in that picture, it’s an early morning event, but it is beautiful! And, did I mention…free! (There is also an evening “balloon glo” for those who don’t want to get up so early.)

Eli was pretty sure we were supposed to be in bed.

Eli was pretty sure we were supposed to be in bed.

The event is held in the city’s largest park where hundreds of people gather to watch dozens of hot air balloons being inflated and, one by one, ascending. Some land soon after takeoff, others skim the nearby lake and others float quite a distance before landing farther away.


The whole ascension process takes a couple of hours, though it’s easy to come and go during that time. The event is completely free, though you can choose to pay for closer parking and there are vendors selling food and other items. (By the way, the $8 I spent for loaded curly fries was totally worth it!)


If you are looking for a fun, inexpensive activity for your family next year, try the balloon glow in the Springs!




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