Menus for the Week of September 9th


I didn’t get a menu posted last week, did I? Honestly, I completely forgot about meal planning while we were out of town, and I ended up scribbling a menu on the back of a paper scrap while we were driving home. (Please tell me someone else has done this, too?!)

We’re adding a new feature to the menus this week–a “fend-for-yourself” Sunday afternoon–to see how we like it. This gives me a bit of a break and also allows us to use up the odds and ends that hang around in the pantry or freezer.

Anyway, here’s what my family will be eating this week:

Monday: dinner out 🙂

Tuesday: chili mac with fresh canned tomatoes

Wednesday: chicken and broccoli rice, veggies

Thursday: spaghetti, veggies, homemade Italian rolls

Friday: Cajun beans and rice with sausage (I don’t have a recipe for this yet…any ideas?)

Saturday: (B) inside-out muffins; (L) bean and cheese nachos; (D) turkey shepherd’s pie

Sunday: (B) oatmeal; (L) and (D) FFY (fend-for-yourself)

My menus are linked up at

Do you have menu plans for the week? Post them in the comments…



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