Making a Packing List


I used to travel so much for work that I could pack my bags in my sleep.

I had toiletries pre-packed. When I had to travel, I tossed them in my bag, threw in the number of uniforms I would need, added a few books and my computer to the bag…done in five minutes.

Now that I’m a civilian and I have a youngster to care for, packing isn’t quite so quick or simple.

The first few times we packed for a trip after Eli was born, we forgot at least one relatively important thing: socks, medicine, sleep machine, etc.

I finally got tired of forgetting things and stole a trick from my mom by making a packing list template on my computer. Finally, a concise way to pack without forgetting things!

My packing list is divided in to categories: my stuff, baby stuff, hubby stuff, miscellaneous and last-minute stuff to do before we leave. Since I need to pack most of the same items no matter what type of trip we’re making, the list generally stays the same.

For example, Eli’s list includes outfits, socks, diapers, wipes, food, sippy cups, bibs, his sleep CD, video monitor and toys. If we’re going on a special trip, I’ll add things to his list, but most of the time, that list covers all his needs. Best of all, we don’t get to our destination only to discover I left all the diapers at home!


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