Financial Peace University Classes Starting Soon


I am so excited to be leading a Financial Peace University class with my hubby this fall! While we did not go through this class until after we were out of debt, we used the principles it teaches to clear our mountain of debt and take better care of our finances.

I first started listening to Dave Ramsey’s radio show at a time when things were financially stressful for us. We were making a good income but it just seemed to be disappearing as soon as it came in. With a lot of discipline and hard work, we managed to get control of our finances, giving us more peace and strengthening our marriage.

I highly recommend this material to anyone. You don’t have to be struggling financially — you just have to want to do something intentional with your money.

The first session, held 7:00 Monday night at Colby Wesleyan Church, is free! If you decide to join the class for the full nine weeks, it will cost $100 for the materials. But, our church is offering a scholarship to those who complete the class, so you’ll get the money back if you show up to every class session! Really, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you’re not in the northwest Kansas area, you can still join classes near you. Go to for a class listing. These classes are literally offered nationwide.

Come join us if you can!


One thought on “Financial Peace University Classes Starting Soon

  1. […] talking with couples interested in taking Financial Peace University classes, we rescheduled the class to Sunday nights at 6 […]

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