Saving Money With Store Brands

comforts 1

One of the best ways to save money on everyday staples is by using store brands instead of name brands, right? But, it can mean a lot of trial and error when I’m testing different store brands to see if they’re just as good as the name brand.

I got selected to do a BzzAgent campaign for Comforts brand baby items recently, and I was excited. I love getting free stuff to try, and in this case I was even more excited because the campaign lets me try a store brand item.

Comforts is the Kroger company’s line of baby items, including diapers, wipes, cups, bibs, shampoo, lotion and more. It’s almost a complete line of baby items, really, and their items are significantly cheaper than the name brand alternatives, especially at grocery store prices. For example, a package of Comforts diapers is $6.21 at my store in Colby right now while a slightly smaller size of Pampers is almost $10.

Every Comforts item I’ve tried so far is almost as good as the name brand. The diapers are perfect for use during the day. I’m not sure they’re quite thick enough for nighttime use, but they’re great for taking to day care and other days when cloth diapers aren’t practical. (We still use Huggies or Pampers at night when possible.)

Eli especially loves the Comforts brand sippy cups. They have grooves running down the sides so it’s easier for him to grip the cup. While the lids aren’t sealed quite like a screw-on lid, I haven’t had any problem with them coming off–and we’ve been using these cups for a few months. The best part about the cups? A four-pack cost only $1.85!

I received free products in exchange for this review, but the information here is entirely my own opinion.



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