Santa City

santa 2

It’s a little hard to go to the mall to see Santa when the nearest mall (such as it is) is two hours away, but we are fortunate to have Santa just a few minutes away at Santa City in Colby.

Santa City is a tradition even older than me, and my hubby remembers going to visit Santa here many times when he was a little boy. This is my first year experiencing it, and it was so fun!

The display, which is free, is set up by the City of Colby inside the scout hut, a building used for public events as well as scout meetings. It includes lights, Christmas trees and more as kids walk toward a costumed Santa.

Santa has toys for the kids and candy canes, and he’s very sweet. Eli screamed and cried when he saw Santa, of course…how do kids know Santa is scary? But Santa was very nice to him anyway.

Mrs. Claus completes the visit with homemade cookies and more Christmas wishes.

The experience is not to be missed! Way better than a visit to the mall to see Santa. The entire display feels homey and magical, and it’s even better in a small town where each child is treated like something special.

Santa City is open weekends until two weeks before Christmas when it is also open during the evenings. Call the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau at (785) 460-7643 for hours and info.



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