Plate + String = Awesome Toy


Isn’t it amazing how kids will play with silly everyday items even more than their expensive, specially designed, extensively tested toys? One of my kiddo’s favorite past times is digging the Tupperware out of my cabinet and spreading it around the house, stacking it and rolling it or putting balls in it. It seems to be an endless source of fun, at least until it’s time to clean up.

Another of the munchkin’s favorites is a simple paper plate and string toy we made one day when he needed something new to practice his large motor skills. We took a colorful paper plate (birthday leftover), poked a hole in the edge and tied a string through the hole.

I put toys on the plate and he towed them around the room for quite a while. He also practiced taking toys off the plate and putting other toys on it.

Of course, strings can be dangerous for little guys, so he only gets to play with the toy when I’m supervising him, particularly since he likes to drape the string around his shoulders.



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