Easy Homemade Sauerkraut


Sauerkraut is amazingly easy to make at home. No canning, crocks or maintenance required!

Cabbage (one head makes about three quart jars of kraut)
Pickling salt (sometimes called canning salt)


Chop the cabbage very thinly. If you have a mandolin, you may find it useful for this step.

Pack the kraut tightly into clean quart-sized canning jars. Wide-mouth jars make this easier but are not essential. As you can see from the picture above, I ran out of cabbage as I was finishing the jar on the right and, thus, it did not get packed tightly enough.


Pour 1 tsp. pickling salt into each jar. Fill each jar with enough water to cover the cabbage.

Screw the two-piece lids onto each jar and tighten. Place the jars on a pie plate or pan with a bit of a lip in case they ooze as they ferment. Cover the jars with a dishtowel to let them ferment in the dark.


Let the jars sit for three weeks and enjoy! We like ours cooked down on the stovetop with a bit of Bavarian seasoning added.

Once the kraut is ready at the three-week point, unused jars can be stored in the fridge for a few months.

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