Omaha Zoo review


Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo…again! Zoos may be one of our new favorite places, and the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha was a fantastic place to visit.

We had a brief stop in Omaha as part of our summer vacation so we decided to check out the zoo we’ve seen advertised along the interstate during several previous drives through Omaha. The zoo is literally right next to I-80, making it an easy stop on trips to and from pretty much anywhere along that interstate. One of the great things about this zoo is that you can easily make it a short stop to let the kids get some energy out or an all-day adventure.

Although it rained throughout our visit, many of the zoo’s exhibits are indoors so we had fun anyway. I absolutely recommend the aquarium portion and the jungle building even if you only have a short time for a visit. Both are indoors but they put visitors right into the action. It’s no dull trip through a building full of caged animals!

The jungle building walks visitors through a rainforest with monkeys and birds roaming throughout exhibits. Hippos, tapirs, rays…oh, my! Even though the animal areas are actually separated from each other, the building is designed to make it feel like more of a natural habitat. And the zoo does a great job of grouping friendly animals together, such as in an area that housed tapirs and monkeys or another that held a snake and turtle together.

The rainforest had a rope bridge and waterfalls, too.

The rainforest had a rope bridge and waterfalls, too.

The aquarium has several large tanks of colorful fish and, on the day we visited, a touch tank of sea stars. The best part, though, is the walk-through tunnel where sharks, tuna and other fish literally swim overhead and all around you. Very cool and something I would not have expected to see from the Omaha zoo!

Shark week, anyone?

Shark week, anyone?

Eli’s favorite part of the day was feeding the fish at a pedestrian bridge over the zoo’s small lake. There’s a monkey habitat on an island in the lake and a ton of brightly colored koi in the water. If it happens to rain on the day of your visit, take a break on the covered bridge and invest a few quarters in fish food. The little pellets cause a feeding frenzy down below as the koi swim on top of each other to grab them. (And if you forget quarters like we did, you can probably use a few leftover pellets dropped on the bridge by previous visitors.) Several hours and a nap later, Eli was still talking about the “fish and monkeys.”

The monkeys are a hoot to watch, even if you don't like feeding fish.

The monkeys are a hoot to watch, even if you don’t like feeding fish.

Overall, we cut our visit a little shorter than we would have liked because a certain somebody (not me, I promise!) was getting a bit fussy. But we were there at least four hours and didn’t see everything they had to offer. So, I’d say the $15 admission price is a bargain for a full day of fun! And they allow visitors to bring in food and beverages so there’s no need to spend extra cash on meals and snacks while you’re there.

As I’ve said before, Omaha isn’t really that far from our corner of Kansas, and we plan to be back for a long weekend sometime. The zoo will definitely be included in future visits!

The Henry Doorly Zoo and Visit Omaha kindly gave us free passes to the zoo in exchange for this review. But the thoughts and opinions herein are entirely my own.


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