Can You Re-Use Canning Lids?



Rarely does a home-canned batch of anything I make come out with matching lids. Why? Because I re-use most of my canning lids, leading to many mismatched lids, some with a prior year’s label still written on top, such as this batch of sunshine juice that has one re-used metal lid, two re-used plastic lids and one new lid.

When I first started canning, I bought brand new lids for each batch and tossed the once-used ones in the trash. But one day I thought about how much that was costing me and how much it was wasting…and I decided to try re-using them instead.

Even though canning companies that sell the lids do not recommend re-using the metal lids, I have had no problems re-using them at least two or three times as long as they are not bent. If you plan to re-use your lids, be careful when you pop them loose to use what’s in your jars. If the lip of the lid is bent, it won’t seal properly.

One downside to re-using the lids is that you may occasionally have a lid that doesn’t seal quite right–probably because it was ever so slightly bent. Of course, you probably won’t know that until after it’s too late to fix it. But I figure that’s where the fridge comes in, and I just refrigerate the unsealed jar and use it before the product spoils.

Another way to re-use lids is to buy lids intended for re-use, like the Tattler lids pictured above. These work a bit differently than one-piece metal lids because they have a rubber gasket and separate plastic lid. But they’re not difficult at all to use once you try them. They are a little spendy, though, so you’ll need to use them for several seasons before you’ll get your money back compared with purchasing the metal lids. I purchased mine about four years ago, though, and they’re still going strong, so I expect they will more than pay for themselves.

Do you re-use lids?

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One thought on “Can You Re-Use Canning Lids?

  1. Kristy Dennis August 13, 2014 at 11:31 pm Reply

    We have never reused metal ones, but I was wondering about the ones you can buy that are supposed to be reusable. Interesting….

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